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Better Burst Counters

ShooterGame is arguably one of the most comprehensive samples Epic Games has given us for Unreal Engine 4. Studying it is something of a rite-of-passage for C++ developers, especially given the overall popularity of shooters and Unreals’ heritage. It’s incredibly useful for familiarising yourself with how Unreal expects you to build your game, particularly if […]

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About Me

Hi, I’m James! I’m an experienced Unreal Engine developer.

I’m currently Senior Programmer at Black Matter, working on Hell Let Loose.

I’ve been using Unreal for over a decade, working with several studios as well as on my own solo projects, which I talk about here!

If you’re interested in Unreal Engine, looking for tutorials and information, or just want to find out about these projects, you’ve come to the right place!

Jambax / TheJamsh