Get Accurate Bounds of a Skeletal Mesh

Uses the Physics Asset to compute an accurate reference-pose bounding box for a skeletal mesh asset. This typically has more utility than the default skeletal mesh bounds which can often be arbitrarily inflated or scaled.

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Get Actor Components from Blueprint Generated Class

Allows you to retrieve actor component configuration and data from a Blueprint Generated Class, similar to the Class Default Object for C++ Classes. There are optional optimizations for filtering by name, and for returning multiple components. Single Component Implementation Multiple Component Implementation Header Declarations

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Check SoftClass IsChildOf(x) Without Loading Class

Uses the Asset Registry to determine whether a SoftClass is a child of another class, without loading it. NOTE: This snippet has limited utility, traversing the asset registry may be slower than just loading the class in some cases!

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Using Gameplay Tags in C++

NOTE: The following setup has been superseded by “Native Gameplay Tags” in UE4.27 and beyond. New post coming soon. Gameplay tags are a powerful UE4 feature that allow for high-level tagging and categorisation of concepts and types. This concept of hierarchical tagging can be very powerful, and Gameplay Tags themselves have fully-featured editor support and […]

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Replicating UObjects: Building a Flexible Inventory System

Out-of-the-box, there are two primary types in Unreal Engine which have what we consider “first-class” support for the replication and networking system. These are Actors, and through them, Actor Components. For almost any conceivable situation, this is absolutely all we need. Both types support their own replicated properties, they can be safely created and destroyed […]

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Better Burst Counters

ShooterGame is arguably one of the most comprehensive samples Epic Games has given us for Unreal Engine 4. Studying it is something of a rite-of-passage for C++ developers, especially given the overall popularity of shooters and Unreals’ heritage. It’s incredibly useful for familiarising yourself with how Unreal expects you to build your game, particularly if […]

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